DE-CIX Madrid arrives at the Itconic data center to improve the quality of interconnection services in Spain

  • Fastest growing Internet Exchange worldwide partners with one of the Spanish leading providers of IT infrastructure
  • Companies and organizations can access all advantages offered by DE-CIX and the complete ecosystem of connectivity of Itconic in the same IT infrastructure


The Internet Exchange Point DE-CIX Madrid has announced that it expands its presence in Spain through an agreement with Itconic, the global IT services company expert in the management of Neutral Data Centers, Platforms and Managed Services. This collaboration will allow its users to access DE-CIX services through the Itconic data center platform, made up of five centers located in Madrid (x2), Barcelona, ​​Seville and Lisbon and which are interconnected through Its Iberconnect network.

“At Itconic we believe in the potential of the Iberian Peninsula as an excellent alternative in the current map of global connectivity. To achieve this goal, the presence of DE-CIX in our neutral data center platform allows us to improve the way our users connect to all possible networks. Now, companies and organizations can access, through the same IT infrastructure, all the advantages offered by DE-CIX and our complete ecosystem of connectivity, made up of five data centers interconnected with our Iberconnect service and with the presence of the main telecommunication operators and content and cloud providers”, adds Faustino Jiménez, CEO of Itconic.


 DE-CIX Madrid image


When expanding the DE-CIX Internet Exchanges we follow our prospects and customers. It is our customers’ choice to decide what data center operator is right for them. Itconic in Madrid is a good choice for many of our potential customers. Reaching an agreement with Itconic is a milestone for our expansion in Madrid and will help to connect more networks to our platform”, says Ivo Ivanov, DE-CIX Chief Strategy and Corporate Development Officer. DE-CIX Madrid is committed to do whatever it takes to help build a better Internet not just for Spain, but for the entire Iberian Peninsula. Madrid is becoming one of the most important points for Internet traffic exchange in the south of Europe due to its geographical location – building digital bridges from Africa and the Americas to Europe. In fact, Madrid will become the new London in terms of Internet Exchange traffic”, Ivanov concludes.

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