Equinix Itconic is a global company specialized in IT infrastructures that enables its clients' processes to be modernised by applying its experience and innovation.

We connect you to a world full of opportunities

We strive daily to ensure that companies, organisations and administrations can make progress in transforming their IT processes with the largest Iberian data center platform, a complete ecosystem of connectivity and a portfolio of services that goes beyond simply hosting data.

The Company

Why place your trust in us?

With over 20 years of experience in the IT sector, we have seen and experienced how the traditional concept of a Data Center has changed over time. From passive infrastructures devoted exclusively to data storage, modern data centers have become essential points for companies to be able to connect with their environment.

With the most complete network of Data Centers in Spain & Portugal, made up of our five cutting-edge infrastructures, we have become a key part of companies’ process of digital transformation, by connecting them efficiently and immediately with the rest of the world.

Aware of the challenges faced by companies and organisations in terms of IT, we have become the leading provider of 21st century Infrastructure, constantly adapting to the context of our market and anticipating the future needs of our clients. To this end, and due to the growing importance of the presence of the public cloud, we have created the professional services division, in cloud environments, leader in the Iberian Peninsula, CloudMas, that allows us to accompany the companies in their migration to the alternatives in the cloud.



At Equinix Itconic, we help companies to respond to the new demands of the digital era and make it possible for them to modernise their processes with a complete portfolio of technological consulting, storage, and connectivity services, and migration to the hybrid cloud.

We are committed to connectivity as the cornerstone of our business. For this reason, we have created the largest connectivity ecosystem in Spain and Portugal, by means of which companies interconnect with providers, partners and clients, thereby boosting their communicative capacities with the environment.

Key elements of Equinix Itconic's services