The exponential growth in the data generated each day by companies, and the increase in capacities for connecting with the environment, are key elements which must be considered by companies wishing to remain competitive in an interconnected world. By means of its robust and scalable infrastructures, Itconic guarantees the highest standards of quality, security and availability in the storage, management, traffic and protection of data.

Moreover, the privileged location of our five neutral Data Centers brings companies closer to their clients, reducing latencies in information exchange and expanding their capabilities for communicating with their environments.


Our multidisciplinary team boasts more than 20 years of experience in designing colocation services and solutions to meet the different storage and security requirements and demands in all types of industries.

  • Availability and reliability: we have the most reliable systems on the market and we guarantee 24/7 access to your data
  • Interconnection: we provide access to a complete ecosystem of carriers and networks to connect your data as efficiently as possible to the providers and clients that your company requires
  • Agility, scalability and flexibility: we provide a range of solutions to optimise your data management processes. We are ready to deal with any decrease or increase in the operational capacity of companies in the shortest possible time
  • Security: we guarantee the very highest standards in data protection and storage, endorsed by the IT industry’s leading certifications
  • Flexible costs: we help companies reduce their Capex and Opex. Companies now only invest in the services they actually use

2Characteristics of the Data Center

Equinix Itconic’s Data Center platform operates at peak performance and is managed with the highest levels of operational excellence. Our facilities are the best option for companies wishing to store, manage and operate their data and optimise their business processes in a flexible, reliable and secure environment. At Equinix Itconic we have the best 24/7 technical support and the highest levels of capacity, power and energy efficiency.

Equinix Itconic also guarantees the highest degree of reliability and performance at our centres. This is why we have been endorsed by the Uptime Institute with Tier 4 certification, since we offer complete redundancy in all our services, and with the M&O stamp of approval, which certifies excellence in the management and operations of our infrastructures. Furthermore, we comply with the highest standards of power, acclimatisation, security and prevention of natural disasters in order to safeguard companies’ valuable information.

3Disaster Operation and Recovery Offices

Equinix Itconic has several Disaster Operation and Recovery Offices working in a complementary way to our colocation services in designing and implementing Business Continuity Solutions. In this way, we ensure our customers are able to recover quickly from any failure in their processes and restore interrupted critical functions, thereby allowing companies to maintain their business activity even in times of crisis.

This service begins when clients activate their Contingency Plan, allowing them to transfer their IT resources to an alternative backup centre. To ensure the connectivity of a 24/7 company’s systems, the Disaster Operation and Recovery Offices are directly connected to the Meet Me Room of our Data Centers and to the client’s rack housed in our facilities. The service can be activated at any time and is backed by a Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Equinix Itconic offers alternative spaces in its facilities, for clients who made request it, in order to meet any requirements that may arise during a crisis, either for a particular moment or in the long term. Designed to support operations 24 hours a day, these spaces adapt to clients’ requirements in order to provide access to the same security, connectivity, cooling and interconnection features we have in our Data Centers.

  • 24/7 and reliability: Continuous availability of service, meeting the highest standards of efficiency and safety in the market
  • Agility, scalability and flexibility: We provide solutions that accompany your business processes, increasing or decreasing their capabilities according to the specific project
  • Security: We have a secure environment backed by a wide variety of resources and techniques for protecting your IT platform
  • Interconnection: Our Disaster Operation and Recovery Offices have direct access to the largest connectivity ecosystem in the market

4Technical Support


4.1Hands & Eyes

A vital factor for Equinix Itconic is for its clients to feel as close as possible to the information they store and manage in its infrastructures. This is why it offers companies the possibility of managing and controlling their platforms via the Hands & Eyes service, which provides remote access in order to give clients a high level of autonomy in decision-making processes. With full 24/7 availability, Equinix Itconic’s multidisciplinary team guides clients via this service with fast response times and offers advice to develop solutions at any stage of a project.

  • Installation of servers
  • Wiring/Patching
  • Start-up/reboot and shutdown of devices
  • Rebooting systems
  • Checking connection status
  • Support service for changing tapes
  • Reviewing, describing and reporting device and console indicators, as well as pre-documented preventive maintenance
  • Hardware replacement
  • Responding to and resolving requests or incidents
  • Installing switches, routers and network devices
  • Escalating incidents to the Head of Customer Technical Systems
  • Documenting scheduled work
  • Inventory control and asset management
  • Labelling devices and wiring
  • On-site assistance Guided actions
Service Plan Options
In order to meet clients’ needs the best, Equinix Itconic offers in its data centers several flexible Hands & Eyes service plans, from hourly options to a monthly full-service management with different time of response adapted to clients requirements. All these options are covered in a 24x7 onsite operational basis.

Advanced Technical Support

As a supplement to our Hands & Eyes service, our network engineers and specialised IT departments are also available to monitor the smooth operation of IT platforms, providing support and advice for the development of projects.

4.2Customer Service

Our Customer Service Centre assists and advises our users in the most efficient way possible, delivering almost immediate responses and with 24/7 availability. Moreover, clients can access this service via different channels: client portal, telephone, email and chat.

At Equinix Itconic we care about our clients, and thus foster a close relationship that allows them to communicate with us on a basis of total freedom, trust and confidentiality. Therefore, as well as the Customer Service Centre, companies can directly contact the specialised team in charge of the service involved in each case. As a result of this closeness, we can provide tailored solutions that cater to the needs of each type of company.

Thanks to this support, we can provide solutions to any problem related to Hands & Eyes, MMR, work orders, networks and security, maintenance of spaces, access to buildings, deliveries and removals, as well as incidents related to contracts and billing, project management or product and service management.