1Cross Connect

The state-of-the-art Data Centers are responding not only to storage demands but also to the increase in the capacity for companies to connect with the rest of the world.

Equinix Itconic’s Cross Connect service guarantees the most flexible, secure and effective connectivity environment for all types of organisations. With Cross Connect, companies directly access a business ecosystem in which they will interconnect, via the Meet Me Room, with partners, clients and providers that are housed in the same infrastructure, guaranteeing connections with minimum latency and a great flexibility, simplicity and speed. To optimise this service, Equinix Itconic has several network options (fibre, UTP cat6 and COAX) providing solutions for its clients’ different requirements.

Equinix Itconic’s Meet Me Room features:

  • Providing, operating and maintaining the connection wired between the client’s platform and the MMR.
  • Providing, operating and maintaining the connection wired between the MMR and the provider, client or partner requested by the client.
  • Monitoring and updating the inventory of interconnections
  • Added value: Clients can quickly access numerous service providers at a very competitive rate
  • Scalability: We expand our clients’ connection capacity by adapting our services to their business requirements
  • Simplicity and Flexibility: Fast deployments guaranteed to operate 24 hours a day
  • Real-time information: Access your company’s inventory of connections via the client portal at any time

2Iber Connect

By means of our Iber Connect service, we have interconnected our platform of five Data Centers in order to boost our clients’ communication capabilities, offering them the greatest flexibility, security and reliability in connecting with their environment. Thanks to this new high-capacity architecture, we guarantee companies high density and low latency connections at a higher speed and at a lower transmission cost.

As a result of interconnection, Equinix Itconic’s five Data Centers operate as a single platform, which means that being housed in one of its facilities allows clients to enjoy the same connectivity capabilities in the rest of the company’s centres. In this way, our clients interconnect, from any of our centres, with an ecosystem made up of the main Neutral Traffic Exchange Points in Spain and Portugal and the most important Hyperscale Cloud providers, such as Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure.

By being able to access the global capacity of our platform, we drive your business towards a greater scale, expanding its digital footprint via the largest interconnection ecosystem with presence in Spain and Portugal. In addition, Equinix Itconic Data Centers are located on the main terrestrial fibre and submarine cable routes, which positions us as a connection gateway to the rest of Europe, Africa and the USA.


Global Scenario

  • Agile: Connecting to Iber Connect is a quick and easy process
  • Global: It allows clients to connect to other companies and providers from any of the five data centers in which they are hosted
  • Reliable: It provides redundant and secure connections
  • Competitive prices: Companies can optimise and reduce their costs thanks to the operational excellence and efficiency of the service
  • Flexible monthly contract: Clients can request, modify and disable this service dynamically according to their operational requirements

3Internet access

At Equinix Itconic we offer the best internet access on the market. In order to respond to the connectivity needs of our clients, we guarantee high levels of availability, redundancy and flexibility in all the connection alternatives we offer, thereby optimising our clients’ processes according to the capacity of their projects at any given moment.

Our complete connectivity ecosystem and the platform of our five interconnected Data Centers add value to our service thanks to the full range of operators hosted in our centers. Practically all the carriers, ranging from the main telecommunications providers, the IP Transit Exchange points (IXPS) in Spain & Portugal to the leading Cloud companies, are available through the Internet Access service, which allows us to offer the highest levels of reliability and efficiency at very competitive rate.

With different broadband options, from 5Mbps to 10Gpbs, this service is available for all the options included in the following graph, with different levels of redundancy and security management services:

The advanced Internet Access configuration includes the Anti-DDoS service, which complies with the following technical specifications:

  • A transparent service based on BGP protocol
  • Up to 4 Tbps protection capacity
  • Service activated on demand
  • Extensive support for protocols (DNS, HTTP, HTTP, FTP, SMTP, TLS, etc.).
  • Equinix Itconic’s Autonomous System is extended by means of our network of data centers in Spain & Portugal
  • Administration Service Level Agreements to maximize uptime and availability for the different service options
  • Internet Protocols IPv4 and IPv6
  • Rapid deployment
  • BGP Information Exchange Protocol
  • Dynamic and flexible bandwidth service
  • Access to service administration reports from the online platform
  • Availability of smart bandwidth administration service

4Cloud Connect

By means of the Cloud Connect service, companies are interconnected with the market’s Leading cloud providers (Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure) from any of our five Data Centers with total flexibility and autonomy.

Thanks to our connectivity ecosystem, the largest in Spain & Portugal, we are the best ally for companies wishing to store and manage their critical information in our centres, under the highest security standards, while at the same time accessing different Cloud alternatives (hybrid, public and private) in a direct and reliable way.

Our clients’ connections to the Cloud providers are carried out via specific VLAN circuits, with low latency levels and high security standards.

  • Design of the public cloud strategy with assured connection to the provider of your choice
  • We place a large variety of providers at your disposal to help you build your multi-cloud configuration
  • A single point of contact for accessing your colocation, interconnection and connectivity services
  • Advanced connectivity service with 24/7 support and customer service

2.1Intra-Client Connectivity (Disaster Recovery)

Connectivity is one of the most important key elements for companies to become truly competitive. Equinix Itconic guarantees fast and flexible connections between platforms of the same client housed in different centres.

2.2Inter-Client Connectivity

Equinix Itconic is the best ally for companies wishing to interconnect with their environment. By means of the Iber Connect service, we encourage the peering and communication capacity of our clients with third parties regardless of which Data Center they are hosted in.

2.3Service Provider to Client Connectivity

Thanks to the range of network and content providers that make up the Equinix Itconic ecosystem, our clients increase their digital footprint throughout Spain & Portugal.